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Save Your Natural Teeth with a Root Canal In NW Calgary

Experiencing pain in your teeth and not sure what to do? Talk to one of the dentists at Panatella Dental about root canal therapies in the comfort of our NW Calgary dental office.

dentist checking root canal therapy

Root canal treatments are specific therapies for injured or necrotic pulpal tissue, the soft tissue inside the crown and roots of your teeth which is made up of nerve endings and blood vessels called capillaries. Treatment can help reduce pain and restore your affected tooth to a comfortable state by removing the internal damaged tissue. If you need a root canal in Calgary, call our office today to book your appointment for treatment with a certified general dentist.


Why Might You Need a Root Canal?

There are many reasons that a root canal treatment may be needed, but the most common cause is a deep cavity that allows bacteria to invade the pulp chamber. When bacteria start to infect the pulp, it creates swelling that causes painful pressure on the nerve endings. Swelling also inhibits normal circulation and prevents nourishment from entering the tooth. Without proper circulation, the blood vessels and nerve tissue eventually perish and a frank abscess can then develop.

Traumatic injury, such as a blow or break to a tooth, may result in exposed pulp tissue. Regardless of the cause, the pulpal tissue becomes irritated, causing swelling and circulation problems that eventually lead to extreme tooth pain. If left untreated, bone loss, pain and space infections will occur, with an end result of premature loss of the tooth.

The Steps of a Root Canal

The root canal procedure can be broken up into three basic parts:

  1. Cleaning and Shaping the Root Canals: your dentist makes an opening in your tooth and removes any decay or necrotic tissue.
  2. Filling the Root Canals: once the soft tissue is removed from the canals, your dentist will debride, enlarge, and gently clean and prepare the tooth canal. Once clean a rubberized material is used to obturate the canals accessed. 
  3. Restoring the Tooth: your dentist will fill, seal, and crown the tooth, returning it to normal function and helping give it a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing appearance.


For a Root Canal in Calgary, Call Panatella Dental

Relieve the pressure of dental pain by completing a root canal treatment in Calgary NW from Panatella Dental. Our team of general dentists, professional hygienists, and patient-focused support staff are ready to give your oral health the care it needs to get and stay healthy. We are always accepting new patients and have late evening, as well as Saturday and Sunday appointments available. We can fit you in, just give us a call!