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VELscope Screening for detection of Oral Cancer

Because early detection is essential to increase the chances of successful treatment, we always check your whole mouth for any sign of cancer.

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We also have VELscope® technology, a screening tool that helps us to see deep into the soft tissue and diagnose areas of damage that we can’t see with the unaided eye during your routine oral cancer checkup. Additional fees apply for this screening technology, and it will only be used if requested by you.

All of our services are performed by general dentists.

What to Expect from a VELscope® Screening

After conducting a thorough oral cancer examination, we’ll use a handheld device to shine an ultraviolet blue light into your mouth, then examine the tissues through an eyepiece. Using this technology, we can look for areas of soft tissue that might indicate the presence of abnormal or damaged cells.

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