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Oral Surgery in NW Calgary

When treatment options to keep your natural teeth healthy and functioning are not predictable or if the prognosis for a tooth is poor to hopeless, ORAL SURGERY is your next option. Oral Surgery is the specialty subsection of dentistry where the removal of any problematic tooth or tissue is accomplished.
Dentist showing his patient an X-Ray
At Panatella Dental, we strive to make this process as comfortable as possible. We work to ensure that you are well informed about your treatment options and the procedures that may need to be carried out. Usually extractions or the removal of teeth is a final or last resort, but this does not mean that the consequences are negative. Many times the removal of teeth also removes the pain that the teeth were causing, and creates a healthier environment for your remaining teeth to exist in.

If you feel that you required Oral surgery, contact one of our Dentists for a consultation.

Oral surgery procedure