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Get a Restorative Dental Filling in Calgary

Dental decay is one of the most common health problems faced by the general population. Yet, with regular cleanings and a good routine of dental hygiene, decay can be prevented. Even if you have let tooth decay creep into your life, Panatella Dental can help with a restorative dental filling in Calgary. Our general dentists provide a variety of filling types based on each individual situation. Whether you need a cavity filling or another kind of dental restoration, call our office today to schedule an appointment.

restorative dental filling Calgary

What Kind of Restorative Dental Filling Is Right for Me?

The most common type of filling or restoration is the bonded composite or “white” filling. The dental material chosen by the dentist will take into consideration the forces it must endure, the location of the decay, and the environment in which it is subjected to during placement. Bonding the restoration to the remaining tooth structure eliminates the need for removing additional material for mechanical retention, such as with older filling materials.

Dental Fillings: A Breakdown

With most restorations the first step is to get the patient comfortable. Numbing gel and local anesthetic are used to freeze the portion of your mouth to be treated. After the area is frozen, the dentist will carefully remove the infected portion of your tooth using a handpiece.

Once the dentist is satisfied that only healthy tooth is present, cavity preparation is conditioned using an acid gel and a thin layer of bond is applied, slightly air-dried and light-cured using a UV light source.

Once the bond is cured, the composite filling material is applied in 2mm or less thicknesses. Each increment of white or tooth-colored filling is cured using the same UV light and it goes from soft and fluid to hard and rigid. After the preparation or cavity is completely filled, the dentist will shape and polish the restoration to ensure the bite and feel is comfortable to the patient.


Flexible Appointments Available for a Restorative Dental Filling in Calgary

Regardless of the type of filling that is needed to treat your restorative dental issue, the certified general dentists at Panatella Dental want to help you get the right care. We are here to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy. Give us a call any time if you have questions about your dental care and if you are looking for a dentist, we are always accepting new patients for regular as well as emergency appointments