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Dental Laser Therapy in NW Calgary

Panatella Dental now offers soft tissue laser treatments with the Odyssey® Diode Laser. The light of the laser can be focused and adjusted to help kill bacteria and viruses, as well as cutting and cauterizing soft tissue accurately.

Closeup of man smiling with gleaming white teeth

The laser is very precise and causes minimal tissue swelling and prevents bleeding. The heat from the laser also has a sterilization effect. Many patients report an anesthetic effect, as it has the potential to desensitize the area being worked on.

Uses for the Odyssey® Diode Laser

  • Deep pocket sterilization to prevent gum disease
  • Cold sore prevention and acceleration of healing times
  • Tissue management for more accurate crown impressions
  • Recontouring gingivae for smiles that are “too gummy”, or to accentuate clinically short teeth exposing more enamel

All of our services are performed by general dentists.