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White Fillings in NW Calgary

One of the most prevalent health problems faced by society is dental decay. If detected early enough the treatment recommended will most likely be a dental restoration, or a filling. At Panatella Dental we can provide a multitude of filling types based on different dental materials. The most common type of restoration or filling that is placed is the bonded composite or white / tooth-coloured filling.

All services are performed by a general dentist.

Man getting a cavity filled

What is a Filling?

A filling is the final result of treatment when bacterial decay is removed from a tooth and the resulting hole or cavity is replaced with dental material. The dental material chosen by the dentist will take into consideration the forces it must endure, the location of the decay, and the environment in which it is subjected to during placement. The dental material of choice is usually the composite or tooth colored filling material. When this restoration is placed, it is bonded to the remaining tooth structure which provides a very strong adhesion. Bonding eliminates the need for removing additional tooth structure to provide mechanical retention, like in older filling materials such as the silver filling.

How a Filling is done?

With most restorations the first step is to get you comfortable. This is done by applying a numbing gel and then using local anesthetic. After the area is frozen, the dentist will remove the infected portion of your tooth using a handpiece. Once the dentist is satisfied that only healthy tooth is present, cavity preparation is conditioned using an acid gel for 10-15 seconds. The gel is then rinsed away and the tooth is left moist while a coating of bond is placed. The bond is slightly air-dried and light-cured using a UV light source. Once the bond is cured, the composite filling material is applied in 2mm or less thicknesses. Each increment of white or tooth colored filling is cured using the same UV light and it goes from soft and fluid to hard and ridged. After the preparation or cavity is completely filled, the dentist will shape and polish the restoration to ensure the bite and feel is comfortable to you.

These restorations are classified based on the number of surfaces of a tooth that it is applied to. The least complicated is a one surface filling and the most complicated is a 5 surface filling. Regardless of the type of filling that is needed, at Panatella Dental, we are here to help keep you and your teeth healthy.