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How to Make Brushing Fun for Your Child

Just like making their bed or taking a bath, getting your kids to brush their teeth can be challenging. Here are some ideas on how you can make it fun for them.

Set a Good Example

Brush your teeth while they’re nearby and appreciate how clean they feel when you’re done. If your children see or hear you enjoying brushing, they are more likely to emulate your behaviour.

Brush With Your Child

Brushing your teeth together is an opportunity to show your kids how it’s done as well as get in some bonding time. See who can produce the most bubbles or hum silly tunes together.

Make it a Game

It should take two minutes for anyone to brush their teeth, regardless of age. That may seem like an eternity to your child, so put on a 2-minute song and challenge them to brush to the end of the song.

Find a Fun Toothbrush

There are endless toothbrush options for kids. Try toothbrushes with their favourite cartoon characters, toothbrushes with lights and sounds from their favourite movies, or an electric toothbrushes with fun characters. Or why not let them choose?

Use a Tasty Toothpaste

Most young kids find minty toothpaste too “spicy.” Try a fruit or bubblegum flavoured toothpaste as long as it’s approved by CAPD guidelines for safety. If you’re unsure about which toothpaste is suitable for your child, ask your dentist for suggestions.

Let a Stuffie Watch

Have your child bring their favourite stuffed animal or doll into the bathroom, and they can ‘teach’ it how to brush its teeth.

Play Pretend

Simply telling kids that it’s important to brush won’t provide the incentive they need. Sometimes they need a good story to get onboard. Tell them they’re a superhero saving each tooth from sugar bugs trying to make holes in their teeth.

Use a Rewards System

Reward systems, such as sticker posters, are fun incentive tools but be careful not to overdo it. Brushing is something we need to do with or without a reward.

Read Books About Dental Hygiene

Reading fun books to your child about brushing their teeth is an excellent way to educate them about good oral hygiene and get them onboard with brushing.

Compliment Your Child

Children are encouraged by their parent’s approval and praise. Tell them they did a good job, especially when they do the correct strokes for two solid minutes.

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