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Facial Botox® & Dysport®in NW Calgary

Botox and Dysport for $8/unit
Botox injections can be used to treat many different problems. The two main categories of treatment are COSMETIC and THERAPEUTIC. Cosmetic injections are specifically indicated to treat unwanted facial lines, or to improve smile design. Therapeutic injections are used to help people that suffer from chronic migraines, temporal headaches, clenching and grinding issues, or excessive facial sweating. Dentists at Panatella Dental have been trained to provide injection for people that have both cosmetic and therapeutic problems. Schedule an appointment today to discuss if Botox injections are right for you.

BOTOX® Cosmetics for Facial Aesthetics

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport are approved for treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines between the brows, forehead, and crow’s feet in adults.

Derived From Natural Purified Proteins

BOTOX® Cosmetic and DYSPORT contain tiny amounts of a highly purified botulinum toxin protein refined from the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum.

Extensively Studied & Tested

BOTOX® Cosmetic is approved for cosmetic use in 78 countries. The safety and efficacy of BOTOX® Cosmetic have been evaluated in both Allergan sponsored clinical trials as well as in 417 peer-reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals.

DYSPORT is Allergan’s flagship product that works identically to BOTOX but attaches to different muscle receptors. Both products are CHA approved.

How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic or DYSPORT addresses one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet: the repeated muscle contractions used to frown and squint. A BOTOX® Cosmetic or DYSPORT injection temporarily inhibits muscle activity which may have a visible smoothing effect on crow’s feet and frown lines between the brows and forehead.


You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for moderate to severe frown lines. These results may last up to 4 months.


BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment often requires minimal to no downtime or recovery. Most patients are able to go about their normal routines immediately after their treatment.

How It Feels

Some patients describe a pinching or tingling sensation during the injection.

Treatment Time

Once we have discussed your treatment goals and performed a facial analysis, the injection process usually takes approximately 10 minutes. At your first visit confidential facial photographs are taken to help diagnose problem areas and are helpful diagnostic tools for future visits.