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Understanding Alberta’s Fee Guide

Dental and medical expenses can feel like a bit of an enigma to many people. Insurance is confusing; all the different “codes” are daunting. In reality, you really have no idea what the “standard” prices are for the treatment you received.

Get an Estimate Before Committing

Now that you know exactly how much your procedure is worth, ask for an estimate before you commit to a specific provider. Understand that if you need to get a second opinion, you will have to pay to be examined a second time. A dentist cannot use someone else’s examination to provide an estimate.

How Are Treatment Fees Determined?

Fees are essentially determined based on the operating costs of a given dental clinic. Staff, equipment, tools, lab fees, etc. will all play a role in determining how much your treatment costs.

Request an appointment with Panatella Dental to have our team provide an estimate.